Society Management System

The perfect solution to make living in society a pleasant and convenient experience

Society is a beautiful place to reside as we can find all the modern facilities in one place. But there are also complication responsibilities to pay utility bills, keep a record of your installation, keep up to date with new broadcasts, etc. These all are very time-consuming things, and soon you will get bored of them. Cool Down now! Here is the simple solution of your problem, yup! “Society Management System”. No matter you are society landlords or just have a home in that particular society, this society management system will make things very easy and also enable you to manage end-to-end work management with your fingertips.

Key Benefits

Reliable And Transparent
Manage Any size of society
Convey Important Notices
Automated Chat System
Uninterrupted And Authentic Communication With Management
Time Saver
Stay Connected & Build Relations
  • Managing Committee Members Information
  • Managing Maintenance Information
  • Managing Important Announcements
  • Maintaining Security
  • Managing Event information
  • Managing different vendor services
  • Document store facility
  • Managing different vendor services
  • Online Booking Complaints
  • Managing Tenant information

Maintenance Information

  • Display Society Charges
  • Every resident can get details about due charges
  • Pay the monthly charges by just a few clicks
  • Member can view his/her payment history

Announcement Information

  • Get Notice details with its priority where low,high or critical
  • Get Meeting details with scheduled date and time
  • Discuss about any topic using forum facility
  • Get Poll facility from which everyone can vote
  • Chat functionality with individual or groups through which you can communicate

Security Information

  • View log of visitors coming to their house.
  • Perform gate entry online for guest,delivery or child exit..etc by mentioning their contact number and vehicle number
  • Get contact numbers of security.
  • View the webcam videos.
  • View gate passbook.

Event Information

  • Get the details of upcoming events
  • View the photo gallery of past events.

Service Information

  • Get the contact person details whosoever are going to sell their products with price details.
  • Take advantage of pooling facility.
  • Get details about Amenity
  • Maintains contact directory

Tenant Information

  • Online registration of tenant information
  • Get details about tenants

Key Features

Maintenance Management
Document Management
Committee Member details
Society Photo Gallery
Contact Manager
Important Announcement
Tenant Information management
Online Complaint Booking
Different types of Vendor Services management
Security Management
Visitor Information Tracking
Looking up Bill History
Online Payment of Society Charges