Engagement Models

Explore our Engagement models and get total control of your project success


An engagement model is the framework of the software industry that governs the way in which a vendor provides IT or Software Services to a client.It describes how the parties get involved with each other for the duration of the contract on which the responsibilities and commitments are defined for each of them.

We, at Witnovus, aim at developing long-term relationships with our clients and thus, offering the best solutions through our attentive and clearly defined services. We provide several engagement models and you can choose any of these models as per your requirements. Every project has its own requirements and our different engagement models are designed to maximize your satisfaction.We focus on high quality, quick delivery, cost-effectiveness, and expert level understanding of the client’s business.

Our Engagement Models

Time and Material - Agile Team

A cost-effective model where the amount of money you have to spend based on the amount of work delivered.This model would be perfect for the customers who are looking for a team to manage and deliver the complete project for them. The client will work closely with project manager to prepare high level project plan which can be delivered in small sprints.Once client agreed then these sprints would be delivered by Agile team.We would identify the right resources, create the right processes, and follow all the relevant Agile procedures. We would like to involve our clients in our scrum, sprint demo to ensure that our deliveries are in-line with the expectations of the clients.

Dedicated Resources Model

This model is suitable for clients who may have small project or may have their existing team in-place and they want to expand as needed or may be looking for a small team.In this model, clients get dynamic support from their dedicated Manager and remain in control of the work that is assigned to the developers. This model often follows Kanban using tools like Jira.In this model, Client can increase or decrease developers wherever needed.

BOT Model (Build-Operate-Transfer)

BOT model is suitable for the organization who may need to have their own team for a long-term basis. In this model, we recognize and hire the right resources specifically for the client and the client can involve in the hiring process. These resources are committed permanently to the client and they cannot be transferred to any project. The client can take these resources with them whenever needed (as per the agreement) to their own offshore development centre. This model is ideal for those clients who may want to set-up their own offshore development centre.

Fixed Cost

The Waterfall model is suitable for an organization which has a well-defined set of requirements. In this model, our deliverables are based on SRS (Software Requirements Specification) document which gives us clarity on the scope of the work. We work with clients to ensure that the scope is definite, the timeline is agreed upon, key milestones for the projects are in-place, and budget is fixed. At this stage, we manage the entire project internally and the clients get regular feedback on the progress of the project, leading to a successful delivery.