Education Industry

Excellent opportunity for your business for content execution in the digital form.


Modern technologies are looking for IT sector support in Education industry to make the learning process more interactive and user friendly for the students.Computerized learning has transformed a lot of things in education industry.There are so many sources are available like websites, online portals, mobile apps, and software that guide the students in the learning process. Latest technology has changed the way of teaching, and learning. Several institutes, schools, and colleges all over the world have implemented the power of the latest technologies to enhance classroom learning, students, and faculty management.

At Witnovus, we offer the complete software solution for the education industry to facilitate the management of several processes including various database management, smooth operations of examinations, and declaration of results. Our main aim is to help the educational industry and institutes in growing revenues, cutting down expenses and improving the quality of their processes.

Types of Education Applications

Learning Management systems

Learning management system helps education industry to improve with eLearning materials to save money and improve the effectiveness of learning and offers features like recording training sessions,improving content availability.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classroom solutions which can tackle all aspects of setting up and effectively maintaining a virtual classroom for enhancing the convenience of content delivery.

Online Examination System

An online examination system which can save time, paper and money and it is the need of the hour for every educational institution.

Online Video Tutorial Management System

It is important to identify the gap in education when only in-classroom education is made available. We have observed the need of today's generation for the availability of training material.